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Vibro Sheet Piling

Vibro Piles are constructed for small and large sites using Vibro Stone Columns, Vibro Concrete Columns and Vibro Compaction techniques. The vibration drives the piles into the ground by displacing soil; the interlocking elements produce a continuous, linked wall of sheet. Vibro / Sheet piles are designed to support the vertical faces of larger excavations, they offer water tightness and are effective for sites that are exposed to compression and tension forces.

Sheet piles are steel sheets that are used to retain walls, they can be installed using the silent Sheet piling method.

Vibro piling uses high torque piling rigs that vibrate structures into the ground to stabilise the soil.

Vibro stone columns can have typical bearing pressures ranging between 100-200kN/m2 and improve settlement requirements by a factor of 1.5 to 3. They are an economical and sustainable approach to ground improvements; ideal for use in granular soils, mixed fills and cohesive soils. Columns can reach depths of up to 12 metres if ground conditions are good. Vibro piles can accelerate the dissipation of excess pore water generated by loading pressures.

Vibro Concrete Columns were developed to build integrity through weak organic soils where conventional vibro techniques fail. They provide greater settlement control and are fast to install. Vibro concrete columns are ideal for use in contaminated ground conditions where spoil removal is to be avoided.

Vibro Compaction is used for stabilising granular soils such as loose sands, gravels and some hydraulic fills. Providing fast, in-situ densification of loose sands up to 30 metre depths and can reduce the effect of the granular soils becoming liquid-like in the event of a seismic shock.